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How many people are doing THAT right now?

I want to expand on my zipper blog to include any activity at all. Want to know how many people in the world are sleeping right now? Eating? Farting? Having sex? Eating pie? Use this equation:

X = (Y / A) x Z

X = # of people experiencing [blank] right now
Y = estimate of how many minutes you’ve experienced [blank] in your life
Z = current population of the world
A = your age in minutes –> age(min) = age(yrs) x 365 x 24 x 60

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The Perfect Almond Butter

Seriously, I’ve never had almond butter this good. And I’m not just saying that because I want you to think my blog’s awesome. I’m saying it because I made this yesterday and it was so amazing I felt obligated to share it with the world.

Start with raw, organic almonds if possible. They are the healthiest in my opinion. It’s especially important to get organic if they are coming from the US, because all almonds there have to be sterilized (even if they are labeled “raw”!) and the non-organic ones are often treated with PPO, a known carcinogen that is banned in many countries. “Raw” in the US means they have been treated with PPO, heat steamed, or irradiated. You can usually avoid this by buying directly from a trusted farmer, buying oversees (but, resources), or growing your own!

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