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Jess is an Awkward Farmer

[This was written on February 7, 2015 while in Argentina.]

I want to grow plants. I want to learn about organic gardening. I want to work on a farm. And hey guess what! I’m in South America, with farms aplenty. But I’ve been here for five months already and I haven’t yet. Why not? I don’t fucking know.

I decided it was about time to do something about it. We’re in Mendoza, the land of wine. And grapes and stuff. And other things.

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My sister pets a cat

Sometimes people send me photos of cats. Actually, all the time. Why? Because I have another blog called Jess Pets Cats, so now whenever my friends see or pet a cat they think of me, I guess. That’s cool. It’s good to know I’m spreading the cat-petting love.

Apparently my sister is in Kauai right now. And guess what she’s doing? Petting cats! Continue reading My sister pets a cat