Jess pets a llama in Copacabana

Is a llama more like a cat or a bird?

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Want to own a duck?

I heard that ducks can be fun to have on a farm. One person told me they’re better than hens. While I’m against using animals for our own greedy purposes in general, there are some exceptions when it comes to things like rescues and whatnot. If you can give an animal a better life than it currently has and are up for the task, do it.

Not a duck.
Not a duck.

So what’s up with ducks? I decided to look them up and came across this very negative article published by – surprise surprise – Peta. Continue reading Want to own a duck?

My sister pets a cat

Sometimes people send me photos of cats. Actually, all the time. Why? Because I have another blog called Jess Pets Cats, so now whenever my friends see or pet a cat they think of me, I guess. That’s cool. It’s good to know I’m spreading the cat-petting love.

Apparently my sister is in Kauai right now. And guess what she’s doing? Petting cats! Continue reading My sister pets a cat

Make your own peanut butter! (minus bugs and corn)

Did you know that store-bought peanut butter is not allowed to have more than an average of 30 or more insect fragments per 100 grams?

It’s also usually full of corn syrup and/or questionable oils. I found a peanut butter once whose first ingredient was corn syrup. If the first ingredient isn’t peanuts, you’re doing it wrong.

I usually opt for the all natural organic stuff, but it’s super expensive and, let’s face it, you miss the sugar. Continue reading Make your own peanut butter! (minus bugs and corn)

How many people are frustrated by zippers right now?

My compañero Jesse here estimates he’s been frustrated by zippers for a total of 50 minutes in his lifetime. He figures there have been about 50 separate frustrating zipper events with an average of one minute each – some extra frustrating, some very brief.


Let’s assume that Jesse is an average person. Of course we could consider how some people in the world have never dealt with zippers, but there are also others who probably deal with zippers more often. Maybe not as many, but let’s pretend. Continue reading How many people are frustrated by zippers right now?

Savory Oats

Oh hey it’s my first blog where I have the freedom to write whatever I want! I’m going to tell you about my breakfast I made today because it was awesome and I can still taste the garlic in my mouth.

Here is what I did, and you can too, if you want! Or you can live vicariously, whatever pickles your cucumber.

There aren’t really measurements. You’re a smart person, you can figure it out.

1) Boil water.

2) Throw in some garlic! And other spices too. I did oregano. Continue reading Savory Oats