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How many people are doing THAT right now?

I want to expand on my zipper blog to include any activity at all. Want to know how many people in the world are sleeping right now? Eating? Farting? Having sex? Eating pie? Use this equation:

X = (Y / A) x Z

X = # of people experiencing [blank] right now
Y = estimate of how many minutes you’ve experienced [blank] in your life
Z = current population of the world
A = your age in minutes –> age(min) = age(yrs) x 365 x 24 x 60

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The Perfect Almond Butter

Seriously, I’ve never had almond butter this good. And I’m not just saying that because I want you to think my blog’s awesome. I’m saying it because I made this yesterday and it was so amazing I felt obligated to share it with the world.

Start with raw, organic almonds if possible. They are the healthiest in my opinion. It’s especially important to get organic if they are coming from the US, because all almonds there have to be sterilized (even if they are labeled “raw”!) and the non-organic ones are often treated with PPO, a known carcinogen that is banned in many countries. “Raw” in the US means they have been treated with PPO, heat steamed, or irradiated. You can usually avoid this by buying directly from a trusted farmer, buying oversees (but, resources), or growing your own!

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A Trip to the Cat Sanctuary! Mow

As you may know, sometimes I pet cats. Last weekend, I got to PET ALL THE CATS.

The Richmond Animal Protection Society, or RAPS for short, is a wonderful company which houses hundreds of kitties on a donated piece of land in Richmond, British Columbia. The unadoptable ones have a visiting day open to the public once a week, where you can hang out with a variety of cats and the gardens, cabins, shelves, boxes, and hidey holes that make up their home.

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Why Urban Farming?

During the first and second world wars, the Canadian government encouraged its citizens to produce small garden plots, known as victory gardens, in order to support the war and reduce the strain on public food supply.

Today, growing food in our living spaces is once again gaining popularity. But this time, the war seems to be with our own food distributors, making people question what we are really eating. As our insecurities about food rise with the occurrence of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and artificial pesticides, so does our awareness of which practices we are supporting. Unethical conditions for farmers, depleting resources to ship food overseas, and artificial preservation methods all add to these unsustainable practices and are causing people to turn to urban agriculture once again.

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Jess is an Awkward Farmer

[This was written on February 7, 2015 while in Argentina.]

I want to grow plants. I want to learn about organic gardening. I want to work on a farm. And hey guess what! I’m in South America, with farms aplenty. But I’ve been here for five months already and I haven’t yet. Why not? I don’t fucking know.

I decided it was about time to do something about it. We’re in Mendoza, the land of wine. And grapes and stuff. And other things.

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Peru’s so Gay

The rainbow flag is the official flag of Cuzco. Apparently it may also hold additional meanings, from unity to religion. And of course, to us northern foreigners, it represents the rights of lesbian, bisexual, gay, and trans* people.

Right now Peru is in the middle of various political elections, and a few of the parties like to use this flag to represent themselves. Though the meaning may be different, it’s pretty awesome seeing strongly religious and conservative groups toting the rainbow flag. Continue reading Peru’s so Gay

Jess Fears for her Life

For Halloween this year I was supposed to be Jess with Cape, but instead I ended up being Jess Fears for her Life.

That night Jesse woke up in the middle of the night puking. I’d never seen him puke before. It looked pretty bad.

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