The Perfect Almond Butter

Seriously, I’ve never had almond butter this good. And I’m not just saying that because I want you to think my blog’s awesome. I’m saying it because I made this yesterday and it was so amazing I felt obligated to share it with the world.

Start with raw, organic almonds if possible. They are the healthiest in my opinion. It’s especially important to get organic if they are coming from the US, because all almonds there have to be sterilized (even if they are labeled “raw”!) and the non-organic ones are often treated with PPO, a known carcinogen that is banned in many countries. “Raw” in the US means they have been treated with PPO, heat steamed, or irradiated. You can usually avoid this by buying directly from a trusted farmer, buying oversees (but, resources), or growing your own!

Also, you know, keep in mind these aren’t staying raw for this recipe. But I like having the original, unadulterated product to work with.

In all honesty, however, I didn’t have much money to spend on almonds or even a good source for them, so I caved one day when there was a bulk sale at a big ugly grocery corporation nearby, buying probably the worst quality almonds. They worked just fine (aside from a few rotten bits).

Anyway. Here’s how you make amazing deliciousness:

Ingredients (I’m guessing on the amounts here. Feel free to adjust according to your own judgement and taste):

1 cup almonds
2 tsp coconut oil
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tbl cocoa powder
Pinch of cinnamon

Oven preheat: 325F

Preparing the almonds:

Soak almonds in salt water overnight.

Rinse, drain, and peel. The skin should pop off easily but it still takes awhile to go through them all. But it tastes way better without the skin.

Dehydrate in a dehydrator at about 125F for at least 12 hours, or in your oven at the lowest temperature. Do not leave your house unattended with the oven on please!

Place 3/4 of the brown sugar with a splash of water in a bowl. Mix it up and put the almonds in, then mix those all up with your fingers until they are coated.

Using your hands, spread almonds across a baking sheet and put in the oven at 325F. I say to use your hands because there might be leftover sugar juice, and the almonds don’t need to be drowning in it while they roast.

Leave them in there for 15 minutes or less if you’re afraid they’re going to burn. Stir once or twice while they’re in there to help avoid this.

Remove pan from oven and stir again. Let cool 10 mins. Keep an eye on them because nuts like to continue cooking once they’re out of the oven.

Now for the butter!:

Put almonds in a food processor on low for a few minutes, occasionally stopping it to scrape down the sides.

Eventually it will start to change into a pasty substance. When this happens, add your tiny amount of coconut oil. You may be tempted to add more, but sometimes it tastes awhile for the natural oils in the almonds to come out so be patient. You can always add more at the end.

Let run a couple more minutes, then add a pinch of cinnamon and salt, some cocoa powder and the remaining brown sugar. You can make it more or less sweet depending on your mood.

Continue to run processor until everything is smooth and creamy. If at this point is it still too hard, you can add a bit more coconut oil. Do not add water as it will go bad faster.

Put into a glass container and keep it in the fridge.


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