My sister pets a cat

Sometimes people send me photos of cats. Actually, all the time. Why? Because I have another blog called Jess Pets Cats, so now whenever my friends see or pet a cat they think of me, I guess. That’s cool. It’s good to know I’m spreading the cat-petting love.

Apparently my sister is in Kauai right now. And guess what she’s doing? Petting cats!


Very seriously, in fact.

I want to put this on my cat-petting site but the cat-petting map would be a lie. I have not yet pet a cat in Hawaii. I don’t think. Well, certainly not Kauai.

Here are some other photos my friends have sent me of meeting cats while travelling:

Jenn in Hong Kong:

Pam in Paris, France:

Pam in Cala Gonone, Sardinia, Italy:
“I also met a retarded cat, it was all twisted up and look like it had down syndrome. In a fancy rastaurant.” – Pam


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