Savory Oats

Oh hey it’s my first blog where I have the freedom to write whatever I want! I’m going to tell you about my breakfast I made today because it was awesome and I can still taste the garlic in my mouth.

Here is what I did, and you can too, if you want! Or you can live vicariously, whatever pickles your cucumber.

There aren’t really measurements. You’re a smart person, you can figure it out.

1) Boil water.

2) Throw in some garlic! And other spices too. I did oregano.

3) Add oats. We’re in Peru so we have some normal-looking oats and then these other ones that might have some sort of corn and/or quinoa ingredients in there too.

4) Stir. They should be a little watery at first because they’ll thicken up. I put in some milk too.

5) When they’re almost ready, throw in some purple onions, green onions, salt, and pepper. Oh, and more garlic.

6) When they look about done, turn off the heat and add some butter and cheese. I used some handmade cheese we found at a market here that tastes kinda like brie. Stir it up!

7) Throw in some chopped tomatoes yo.

I forgot to take pictures of my food. Here's a photo of a tomato I found once.
I forgot to take pictures of my food. Here’s a photo of a tomato I found once.

8) Dish it out and sprinkle with more green onions. It looks pretty this way.

9) Devour.

When I remember/am able to, I soak my oaks overnight (best is between 7-12 hours) with water and a bit of acid (lemon juice or vinegar), then rinse in a fine mesh strainer before I cook them. Apparently this takes out the phytic acid, which apparently can bind with essential nutrients like iron and cause intake to be difficult in your body. There is a lot of questionable information about this, but soaked oats taste good so you might as well, right?



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